Cutting trees correctly

Garden Life
Correct pruning is called for so that trees sprout in a controlled manner.

Pruning trees

The right cut shapes the crown of the tree, strengthens the branches and prevents fungal infestation. It is advisable to prune the trees in spring or late autumn. However, at temperatures below freezing, caution should be exercised as frost damages the cuts. Healing is then more difficult.

Healthy cut

Set the cutting plane diagonally so that water from the cut can flow out, thus preventing infections. Branches should always be cut at a distance of 1 cm to the tree, taking care not to damage the trunk. In-growing branches or those which impede their own growth should be removed.

Expert tip

In order to prevent heavy branches from snapping off – which can be damaging to the tree -, saw these off in steps from the outside towards the trunk.