Biodegradable pots made of newspaper

Garden Life
Producing your own biodegradable pots made of newspaper is fairly simple, and a good alternative to purchased plant pots. This saves money, and represents a good way of reusing old newspapers or advertising letters. Children will also enjoy handcrafting these pots.
Once the pots have been folded, they are filled with soil, and seed or young plants are transplanted into them.
Place the pots close together in rows within a flat saucer (e.g. an old casserole dish). In this way, the pots will remain moist when they are watered.
The advantage of such biodegradable pots made of newspaper is that roots can penetrate through the paper and be planted out including the paper.

1. If a biodegradable pot becomes too unstable through the addition of soil and water, place it into a new, slightly larger paper pot.
This time, it may be necessary to use two to three layers of newspaper from the start.
2. Remove the bottom of the paper pot on planting out your young plants as long as the roots have not yet broken through it.

What you need: Newspaper or recycled paper in A4 size.

Folding instructions for biodegradable pots made of newspaper:

Step 1: Fold the A4 paper down the middle, and then again down the middle.

Step 2: Unfold the page again once and lay it down with the closed side facing downwards. (It should be the size of a  A5 paper now)

Step 3: Pull up the bottom left corner of the paper, and fold it in to the centre of the page. This creates a triangle, the centre of which should lie precisely on the centre line of the page.

Step 4: Fold the new top right corner onto the top left corner. 
(Fold the triangle shut in the middle)

Step 5: Fold the bottom right corner up to the centre line, too. (picture)
Then Fold the new top left corner onto the top right corner like in step 4.

Step 6: Fold over both outside edges to the centre line.

Step 7: Fold the new outside edge again to the centre line.
Step 8: Repeat steps 6 & 7 on the rear side.

Step 9: Gently push the closed side flat to form the bottom of the pot, and push the sides of the pot apart.

Step 10: Fold the folded edges inwards, and you are finished!