Watering done the right way!

Garden Life
Does a garden need to be watered a little every day? Surprisingly the answer is no. Both lawns and gardens benefit much more from less frequent, deeper watering sessions. This brings the water deep down below the surface encouraging the roots to grow deep in the soil to find it. Once down there, the root system will be better positioned to survive any future dry spells.

Sprinklers are great for lawns and GARDENA has designed sprinklers to suit all shaped lawns; rectangular, circular, square and now even any shaped curves. For flower beds, vegetable patches and pots, hand watering is best since it allows you to manage the exact angle of the water spray.

Point your water flow towards the base of the plants not directly on flowers and leaves since, on extremely hot days, water droplets on leaves act like magnifying glasses. This intensifies the effect of the sun's rays, often burning your delicate leaves. Take care with roses too: On roses, wet leaves can lead to mildew and black spot.