Protecting your lawn from the heat

Garden Life

We have a tendency to focus all our irrigation efforts on our flower and vegetable gardens and sometimes tend to forget that grass is also a plant albeit a resilient one. Subject your lawn to an extensive period without proper watering though and it will remind you of its vulnerability by turning a sad shade of yellow.

During lengthy periods in which Mother Nature is not fully taking care of the irrigation with intermittent rain showers, we must step in. The best way to do so is armed with a water control, a good quality hose and the perfect sprinkler for the shape of our lawn.

A GARDENA Water Control lets you set and forget which comes in handy considering the fact that the ideal time to water is very early in the morning to avoid the risk of fungal disease and evaporation loss. If you are worried that you will end up wasting precious water by irrigating when the soil is adequately moist then adding a GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor will solve this problem. It will ensure that all irrigation will stop when the preset moisture level has been reached. 

If you are in doubt as to whether your grass needs watering, here is a trick. Take a firm step on your lawn and remove your foot. Do the blades bounce back up or do they remain laying flat? If flat, it is time to pull out the sprinkler and let the water drops do their magic.  

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