Asparagus – eat healthy!

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Asparagus is not just tasty but also healthy. This vegetable is very rich in vitamins and minerals, and is great for eyes, kidneys and bones.
Vitamin A, E and K support our eye care, strengthen our nervous system and protect the body from fungal diseases. Our immune system and connective tissue are strengthened by vitamin C. Furthermore, it reduces tiredness and depression. For pregnant women folic acid is very important. It has an effect on cell division and production of red blood cells. In the womb, the child is able to develop healthy. Also quite interesting is the fact that asparagus tips contain five times more vitamins than the bottom part of the spears.

It is recommended that people who suffer from high blood pressure eat asparagus, as the mineral salt potassium decreases blood pressure. We recommend to prepare asparagus with fresh herbs instead of salt, as salt has the quality to raise blood pressure.
Calcium - which is also known as an ingredient of milk - guarantees that bones and teeth grow healthy.
Our energy balance is controlled by phosphorus. This mineral salt transports, stores and uses energy in our body. The high nitrogen content which is typical for the diuretic effect is also quite considerable. And, nitrogen supports the renal function. In addition, this vegetable has just 150 kilocalories per kilogram. 

We have a tasty recipe for you.

Asparagus au gratin with spring onions, tomatoes and bacon

1 kg asparagus spears (green or white)
A bit of butter
A bit of sugar
2 big tomatoes
1 bunch of spring onion
1 bunch of chives
1 tub of crème fraîche
100 g grated cheese (Gouda or Edam)
100 g bacon
A bit of parmesan cheese
A bit of sea salt
A bit of black pepper
A bit of margarine or oil

Peel the asparagus spears, cut off the stringy tips and cook them in salted water, together with the sugar and butter, for 4 minutes. Scald and skin the tomatoes and cut them into cubes.
Clean the spring onions and chives and cut them into rings. Cut the bacon into cubes as well.

Put the onions, tomatoes and bacon in a pan and let them braise for 5 minutes. Add the crème fraîche and season the mixture with salt and pepper. Finally add the chives and grated cheese, stir the mixture and bring it to a simmer.
Put the pre-prepared asparagus spears into an ovenproof dish. After this step add the pan-mixture and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on it. Preheat the oven to 200° C and put in the ovenproof dish for 20 minutes.

This dish tastes fantastic with boiled potatoes or fresh baguette bread.

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