A desire for cool blue

Garden Life
Put yourself in a holiday mood and create a holiday atmosphere with your favourite blue flowers.
Like an artist, a gardener needs a trained eye for colour and knowledge of the effects which colours create. The colours of flowers and leaves create one's first and last impressions of a garden. Blue is a colour which takes you off to dreamland: A bright blue sky, the blue of the ocean, the blue blooms of lavender and delphinium. We associate blue with lots of images. This is noticeable from the names of shades of blue: For example, azure blue, sky blue and sea blue. Blue is one of the most popular garden colours. It creates breadth and distance and can be combined really well with virtually any other colour.

Not just for romantics

Pure 'blues' such as gentian, ox-tongue, harebell poppy and Siberian squill are rare beauties in the plant kingdom and are therefore much sought-after by gardeners. Since there are infinite shades of blue - ranging from the sky blue of a forget-me-not to the silvery blue of a thistle and the violet-blue of a clematis - this colour should be combined thoughtfully. The type of blue is particularly important when it comes to putting it together with other flowers: Bright turquoise and soft teal ensure a summery picture when combined with pink, white, and yellow. The happy trio of deep lobelia, white scaevola and violet flowering heliotrope transform any flowerpot into a blue blanket of flowers which is reminiscent of the sky and sea. But the sight of deep blue cornflowers together with fresh yellow and white daisies is also relaxing and makes you think of the vastness of the ocean.

Soft blue in the fragrant evening air

Nothing is more relaxing than a cosy place in the garden which is bathed in a charming light when the sun goes down. With a few candles and fragrant plants, you can conjure up a romantic atmosphere in a jiffy. Plants which are fragrant in the evening and at night, like violet flowering heliotrope and dame's violet with its enchanting scent of violets and pinks, exude their sweet scent and create a charming atmosphere for evening trysts under the night sky.