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Good soil and proper watering practices are essential for the health of plants. Focusing on the perfect combination of these two elements, EARTH and WATER is a pillar of good gardening. Equally important is the third element: AIR. Passionate gardeners know that in order to encourage plants to reach their full potential, you need to give them the right amount of air between branches to create ideal circulation and light, especially with younger shoots.

“For every branch, there is the perfect cutting tool. Following the redesign of our secateurs and branch pruner ranges not long ago, it was time for us to turn our attention to the pruning loppers.“ says Anna Fischer, Global Product Management -Handtools for GARDENA GmbH.

“The new GARDENA Bypass Pruning Lopper EnergyCut 750B is a bypass pruning lopper designed for demanding cutting tasks. R&D focused both on the health of the plant and the gardener.” Continues Ms. Fischer.

“Made in Germany, the award-winning GARDENA Bypass Pruning Lopper EnergyCut 750B is equipped with a gear transmission that increases large branch cutting power up to 3X when compared to non-geared loppers making pruning an easy and enjoyable task.” Concludes Ms. Fischer.

The durable ErgoTec aluminium handles with soft-grip anti-slip components are lightweight reducing fatigue and muscle strain whilst the stop buffer, made from special plastic, protects the wrists by absorbing the shock of the cut. The precision-ground blades have a non-stick coating which reduces friction and results in a clean cut that is gentle on plants. The upper blade is replaceable and the cutters can be readjusted as required.

The GARDENA Bypass Pruning Lopper EnergyCut 750B is covered by the GARDENA 25-year warranty.

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GARDENA Bypass Pruning Lopper EnergyCut 750B at a glance



  • Perfect for the precise pruning and lopping of fresh wood up to 42 mm in diameter.
  • Integrated gear transmission = 3X more cutting power
  • Durable ErgoTec aluminium handles with soft-grip anti-slip components = Comfort and lightweight
  • The stop buffer is made from special plastic = Shock absorption
  • Precision-ground blades with non-stick coating = Clean cut
  • Extra narrow angled cutting head
  • Replaceable upper blade
  • Adjustable blade tension
  • Made in Germany
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty.

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